What is the difference in one coat, and three coat stucco?

Both one coat, and three coat stucco are variations of portland cement plaster. One coat stucco is applied 3/8”-1/2” thick in one pass. One coat stucco is not recognized by the Uniform Building Code, or the International Residential Code, therefore, it must be recognized by a current ICC ES report. One coat stucco is a preblended product that contains portland cement, lime, fiber, and other proprietary ingredients. It can be manufactured in a concentrate form, or blended with sand at the factory. Only water is added to sanded material at the job site, while water and sand are added to concentrate material.

Three coat, or conventional stucco, is applied a minimum of ¾” thick using the scratch and brown method. It is recognized by the Uniform Building Code and International Residential Code. This is a field mixed product that is dependent upon the skill, experience, and consistency of the workforce to ensure proper mixing.


What are the benefits of using one coat stucco?

Design possibilities are only limited to the imagination of the design professional. It is a lightweight, impact resistant, and aesthetically pleasing wall cladding that can be incorporated into almost any design. Due to the one coat application, less material and labor are required, which reduces overall cost for the consumer. Certain one coat systems incorporate foam insulation behind the cladding, adding R-value and aiding in sound suppression. One coat stucco has a long life cycle with very little maintenance.


Will my stucco crack?

Possibly. Minor hairline cracks are inherent in any type of stucco. Cracks may be contained by following ASTM C-1063 guidelines for lath installation, and utilizing control and/or expansion joints. No panel shall be larger than 144 square feet, or more than 18 linear feet in any direction. Moist curing walls for a minimum of 48 hours after application reduces shrinkage in the stucco by continuing to hydrate the cement during the curing process. In addition, walls may be coated with acrylic base coat and fiberglass mesh to contain cracks. Cracks larger than hairline are structural, and should be addressed accordingly.


What finish options are available for my one coat stucco?

One coat stucco can be finished in many textures and virtually any color. Finishes include: basic cement based finish, elastomeric and acrylic coatings, elastomeric and acrylic textured finishes. Many texture may be achieved using these materials, from smooth troweled to heavily textured, and everything in between.


Where can I get EZ Wall Concentrate?

EZ Wall Concentrate is readily available through any of our distributors. You may view them by clicking HERE.